An Emerging Trend…Physical Therapy in the Emergency Room

Emergency rooms are often the only choice for individuals who don’t have access to care elsewhere.  In an effort to provide the best care possible, a handful of hospitals have added physical therapists to their emergency room staff. Michael Brickens, PT, works in the Emergency Medicine Trauma Center at the Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital and recently discussed the benefits of this emerging physical therapy practice with PT Talker.

A day in the life of a physical therapist in the emergency room ranges from consulting on critical care patients, evaluating patients and addressing various musculoskeletal sprains and strains. As musculoskeletal experts, physical therapists provide expertise that the emergency team often lacks.   Listen now to learn why emergency room physicians say “How did we ever get by without physical therapists?” 

Interested in bringing physical therapy to the emergency room in your area? Contact for more information.

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