Scientifically Proven Program Reduces ACL Injuries

An estimated 200,000 Americans experience ACL injuries each year.  Female athletes are more susceptible to the injury.  Fortunately, there is a program designed especially for young female athletes that is scientifically proven to reduce noncontact ACL injuries. Today’s podcast features Kate Campbell, DPT, CSCS of Ridgefield Physical Therapy. She shares details about using the Sportsmetrics program to help female athletes avoid ACL injuries. 

Sportsmetrics is a 6-week program developed by the Cincinnati Sports Medicine Research and Education Foundation.  The program teaches female athletes how to preposition themselves when landing, accelerating and decelerating to prevent injury.  The program is progressive in nature and allows participants to practice good technique through a variety of drills and exercises.  Campbell recently used Sportsmetrics at a summer clinic with high school female athletes and found 73% of the girls at the beginning program were at high risk for knee injury. By the end of the 6-week program only 27% were still at high risk for ACL injuries.

Sportsmetrics has also developed a warm-up for injury prevention and performance (WIPP) program which incorporates jumps and techniques designed to help athletes maintain their strength and utilize proper technique.  A free copy of the WIPP program is available on the Sportsmetrics website.  Tune in now to learn how to help female athletes near your clinic reduce ACL injuries.

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  1. T Carlson
    Posted October 30, 2010 at 7:38 am | Permalink

    Kate Campbell is a superlative physical therapist. Having helped several members of my family, she’s demonstrated not only mastery of current sports oriented protocols for PT, but also seeks out knowledge such as Sportsmetrics WIPP to keep clients healthy and active.

    Thanks for bringing this information to our community!

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