A Comprehensive Approach Helps Patients Move for Life

Physical therapists are known for helping individuals regain function after an injury or surgery. But many don’t realize a physical therapist’s expertise in movement and biomechanics can help them overcome challenges, prevent injuries and achieve fitness goals. A group of clinics based in California and Arizona, Movement for Life, is moving beyond physical therapy to meet the movement needs of individuals throughout all stages of life.  James E. Glinn, DPT, and founder of Movement for Life shares details in this week’s podcast.

The Movement for Life clinics differ from traditional physical therapy clinics by providing rehab, maintenance and performance programs implemented by a collaborative group of professionals including exercise physiologists, personal trainers, nutritionists, exercise scientists and doctors of physical therapy. Many clients first visit the clinic after an injury. After rehab is done, instead of handing patients off to another clinic or fitness center, Movement for Life clinics continue to work with patients to achieve their fitness goals and performance expectations.

This unique business model utilizes both insurance and cash-based reimbursements. Listen now learn how to incorporate a whole life approach to rehab, maintenance and fitness at your clinic.

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