Study Reveals “Tyler Twist” Exercise Eases Tennis Elbow

flexbar2-21Today’s podcast features Tim Tyler, PT, ATC, of the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York City.  Tyler shares details about an effective and affordable treatment for tennis elbow revealed in a study presented at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine meeting in Keystone, Colorado. 

The study began as a quest for a practical way to overload the wrist extensors enough to provide tennis elbow sufferers with the same benefits as isolated eccentric training done with expensive devices or heavy weights. The solution was found in an affordable and easy-to-use flexible rubber bar. 

Participants in the study were split into two groups.  The control group received physical therapy for tennis elbow and the other group received the same physical therapy treatment and combined it with the “Tyler Twist” isolated eccentric wrist-extensor strengthening exercise designed to overload the muscles.  The study revealed improvements for participants in the “Tyler Twist” group in as little as three weeks. Listen now to learn more about ways this new exercise can benefit your patients.

See the “Tyler Twist” exercise in action on YouTube.

Isolated Eccentrics with Thera-Band® FlexBar

 “Reverse Tyler Twist” for Medial Epicondylitis “Golfers Elbow”

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