A Cold Pack Shaped Like A Tube……Why Didn’t I Think of That!!!!

Flat cold packs may become a thing of the past if the Torex Radial Rolls-On Cold Pack catches on.  Shaped like a tube, the new invention completely surrounds the joint or limb being treated for a much better outcome.  To apply the pack, simply roll it up the limb.  Available in 5 sizes including a size for fingers, the Radial Rolls-On Cold Pack is well positioned to be the answer for people tired of treating patients as though they are only one dimensional.Cold pack that rolls up the arm to fully surround the joint

The video is my attempt to give you a good idea what the Torex Cold Pack is all about, as well as some information about using it in the clinic.  Professional pricing is included in the video.  For patients and the general public that want a Radial unit of their own, go to a website specifically designed for purchase at www.chilltubeforjoints.com.  For more information contact Jeff Worrell at feedback@pttalker.com.


  • Finger $9.95    Retail $11.99
  • Small $10.75    Retail $15.99
  • Medium $11.95   Retail $16.99
  • Large  $13.95    Retail $19.99
  • X-Large $15.50   Retail $21.99


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