Dr. Kase Shares Inspiration Behind Kinesio® Tape

Dr. Kenzo KaseWatch any sporting event and you may spot an athlete adorning the bright-colored stripes of Kinesio tape. The tape is more than an attention getter, it also works to help relieve pain and inflammation.  Kinesio® Tex Tape has also become an essential tool in many physical therapist’s toolbox. The inventor of the Kinesio Taping® technique and Kinesio Tex Tape, Dr. Kenzo Kase recently shared details about his creation with PT Talker at the MOtion1 Conference held in Dallas.

Kinesio Tape came into being over 30 years ago when Dr. Kase was looking for something that provided support and relief to patients. At the time, he was a chiropractic student and practicing acupuncture. He found acupuncture did not provide the lasting relief his patients desired and traditional athletic white tape did not provide the necessary support and range of motion. He used Kinesiology techniques and a more flexible tape to provide patients with greater support and relief.

Today, Kinesio taping is used to relieve a variety of conditions including headaches, shoulder injuries, rotator cuff injuries, low back sprains and other conditions. Tune in now to hear more about Kinesio taping and techniques you can use to provide the greatest results to your patients.

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