What Does the Future Hold for Private Practice Physical Therapy?

Whether you’re feeling optimistic about the future of private practice physical therapy or concerned about what the future holds, you’ll want to take a moment to listen to this week podcast.  Tom DiAngelis, PT, DPT is the current PPS president as well as a practicing PT in the state of Washington. He recently took time to share his outlook about private practice physical therapy. 

Despite the changing environment, DiAngelis states a number of private practice physical therapists have been successful at working with larger health care networks. He also stresses that niche private practice can really separate their clinic from others giving them a unique advantage in challenging market situations. Some clinics are also finding success by  operating a cash-based practice and turning away from the insurance model. Learn more about the outlook for private practice physical therapy by listening to the full podcast now.  

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Providing Magical Physical Therapy Service

Providing excellent service to your patients is just one of the ways you can set yourself apart from other clinics. From the floor of the APTA CSM 2014, Dennis Bush, Senior Vice President, Consulting for Martin Healthcare Advisors healthcare executive and consultant recently shared some of his tips for providing magical service to your clients.

Great service begins with something as simple as asking questions a little differently. Bush suggests instead of asking a patient if he is in pain, ask the patient to describe his pain. During the evaluation even asking a patient what their biggest fears about physical therapy are can provide a lot of information to help you truly address your patient’s needs. Learn more tips for incorporation magical service at your practice by listening to the full podcast now.

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Physical Therapy in a School Setting

Many are surprised to discover that physical therapy is often one of the many functions that takes place at elementary and secondary schools. Today’s expert Sue Cecere, PT, MHS is a Physical Therapy Instructional Specialist at the Prince Georges County Public Schools and Vice President of the APTA Section on Pediatrics. She shares what it’s like to work as a physical therapist in an educational setting. 

A unique niche of physical therapy, physical therapists working in a school setting often have an opportunity to work with children throughout their education so physical therapists really get to know the kids and see their progress over a span of years instead of just a few weeks. Instead of working in a physical therapy room, physical therapists in a school setting work with kids in their actual environment using the tools and equipment available to them. Learn more about this area of physical therapy and the outlook for pediatric physical therapy by listening to the full podcast now.

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Physical Therapy Outlook for 2014

It’s difficult to predict what the true impact of the Affordable Care Act will have on physical therapy. To share his thoughts on the future of physical therapy, Josh Bailey, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CPed recently joined PT Talker.  Dr. Bailey is co-owner, president and CEO for Rehabilitation Associates of Central Virginia.

Bailey sees physical therapists as a low cost provider with high outcomes. He believes physical therapists have to do the best job possible and be better at defining and communicating their true value.  He also encourages physical therapists to get involved at the state level and work to develop meaningful direct access for physical therapists. Learn more by listening to the full podcast now.

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